How do I control the number of labels shown on a Meter chart?

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Posted by Larry Mahar on 28th August 2015
I am having an issue with the parameter "labelsNumber" for the Meter chart. It doesn't seem to matter what I use for the value of this parameter, it always draws 11 labels. What am I doing wrong? Also, how do I get the labels to not draw on top of the color bars?

Sample below:

Posted by Richard on 28th August 2015

There is no labelsNumber option - do you mean to use labelsCount ?

And for the labels size issue you could try the textValign option or there's always the option of slightly reduce the size of the text with the textSize option. Or maybe turn the border off with the strokestyle and tickmarks options - like the Meter chart on this page:


strokestyle: 'white',
border: 0,
tickmarksSmallNum: 0,
tickmarksBigNum: 0,



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