My Y axis numbers appear to be being cut off (the Line chart 05 demo)

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Posted by Devon on 7th January 2013
I have recently use the line graph at

and have only changed the numbers that are inputted; none of the java-script. It works great for y-axis numbers less than 1000, but as soon as I use numbers greater than 1,000 the values are still proportionate but only the last 3 decimal places appear on the y-axis tick marks. For example 800 shows as 800, 1200 shows up as 200, 1600 shows as 600. I do not know what specifically sets these values as what they are but any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time.
Posted by RGraph support on 7th January 2013

Sounds like you may need to increase the left gutter (chart.gutter.left) setting - to 35 for example.


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