I'm missing my tooltips on a Bar chart which has wildly varying extents

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Posted by Michael on 5th November 2015
I'm evaluating rgraph and so far I like it, but I ran into a small problem.
I have a basic Bar chart. The datapoints for the bars may vary from under 10 to few thousands, therefore some bars are high, some low and some are practically invisible on the graph.
Tooltips do not appear on the bar unless it has some height. I tried to move cursor very slowly along the X axis trying to "catch that pixel", but this didn't help either.
I found an interesting post here: "Show tooltip regardless of y-position"
This seems like a perfect workaround, but I could not make it work for the Bar. I wonder if chart.tooltips.hotspot.xonly ais pplicable to Line only.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Posted by Richard on 6th November 2015

I don't think that I've implemented the xonly option for the Bar chart - just the Line chart - so I'll add that for you.

In the mean time if you want to show small values and large values on the same chart you could use a logarithmic scale like this Line chart shows (the Bar chart also supports the ylabelsSpecific option):


You could also use the drawing API Y object to implement it if you prefer by stipulating a specific scale, but I think using the ylabelsSpecific option should be you first port of call.

Posted by Michael on 15th November 2015
Thank you so much - it is not very common to find a team so supportive and quick to answer as yours!
Posted by Richard on 15th November 2015

Team? I wish I had a team - so I could then sit at home with my feet up drinking a fine Chardonnay.

But it's just me!


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