Issues when trying use the ModalDialog.Close() method

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Posted by John C on 14th June 2017
Well, you helped me so much with ModalDialog.Open(). Maybe now you can help me with ModalDialog.Close()! :)

I've got my Dialog opening in a javascript function like this:

ModalDialog.Show('string:<div id="outerdiv"><iframe id="ReleaseIFrame" name="ReleaseIFrame" src="/Home/Stores...

In my View, I have a button that should close it (and I've added the core and ModalDialog scripts to the page):

<button id="BtnCloseIFrame" type="button" class="btn button-alt-1 button-v"


Unfortunately, the button click is doing nothing. Any ideas why this would be failing?

- John C
Posted by Richard on 14th June 2017
Hi there,

Don't try and use the method from the page that's inside the frame - it might be feasible but since it's essentially a whole different page it won't be as easy as adding a close button to the dialog itself, which I've done with the example.

You can also just press the ESC key.

Posted by John C on 14th June 2017
Thank you, I never would have thought of that. It seems the simplest way is to change my button-click to mimic what an ESC key does - I'll try both methods.

- John C
Posted by John C on 15th June 2017
Putting the close modal button outside the IFrame seems to work best. One question, though:

Within the iframe at the top of that section, there's this big blank area I can't get rid of. I don't even know what part of the iframe it belongs to. I put a background color on the iframe, and it doesn't show that in the blank area. I tried using the same background color for the ModalDialog_topbar, just in case that was the culprit, but it was not. Do you know how to get rid of that area?

- John C
Posted by Richard on 15th June 2017
Hi there,

Most likely its a padding and/or margin setting - which it may have inherited from a CSS rule that you didn't expect it to.

So you'll need to inspect the frame and use the tools there to find it.

For example on this example:

You can inspect the IFRAME and then deselect the margin that I've set and it will remove the margin from it.


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