How would I modify the CSS of the canvas for my Line charts?

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Posted by Chitrangada on 6th December 2012

I am drawing line graphs and pie charts using this library. I am displaying these graphs in an accordion like structure so initially these are hidden and when we open its tab then it becomes visible. I am facing some problems with the library, may be due lack of enough knowledge about it.

1. I have n number of line and pie charts on a document. But the first and last line graph does not renders on its position. They are displaying in top and bottom of document respectively.

2. I have used unique object for every graph. Even though when I click on tickmarks of graph then the graphs which rendered above to the clicked graph disappears.

Please help !!

Posted by RGraph support on 6th December 2012

I can't really tell from your post what the issue is - try posting an example of it that shows the issue. If you're getting old charts reappearing you may want to try using this as well as the Clear so that all previous objects are removed from the ObjectRegistry:

var canvas = document.getElementById('cvs');


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