More RGraph option oddities with the Gauge chart

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Posted by David Cook on 21st June 2017
Hi Richard:

Continuing with my Gauge Designer, I've noted a number of other oddities. This is simply using your OPTION block and handing it to RGauge (nothing in-between, no javascript - just calling RGraph.Gauge with the block with options).

First... redStart, redColor, redWidth, yellowColor, yellowWidth, greenEnd, greenColor, greenWidth.

With those set, and 'colorRanges' not set at all - no red/yellow/green areas appear. If I used 'colorRanges' instead, they do appear (however, for my use, I'd rather not use colorRanges).

Here is how I set them in my option block:

                 redStart: '90%',
                 redColor: '#00ffff',
                 redWidth: 10,
                 yellowColor: '#00ffff',
                 yellowWidth: 10,
                 greenEnd: '40%',
                 greenColor: '#00ffff',
                 greenWidth: 10,

Second... When I do: valueText: true

The value does not show up and the Title, Subtitle, Needle, and Centerpin all disappear. Here is how I am using valueText...

                 valueTextColor: '#000000',
                 valueTextBounding: '#000000',
                 valueTextBoundingStroke: '#000000',
                 valueTextBoundingFill: '#ffffff',
                 valueTextYPos: 0.5,
                 valueTextUnitPre: '',
                 valueTextUnitPost: '',
                 valueText: true,

Once again, any suggestions would help greatly!
Posted by Richard on 21st June 2017

1. You can't use percentages as the values for the color limits. The docs are perhaps a little misleading here. Use decimals instead (40% = 0.4) like this:

2. Try setting the valueTextBounding property to true instead of a color (the docs are wrong on this). And also these are missing an s.

valueTextBounding: true,
valueTextUnitsPre: 'k',
valueTextUnitsPost: '$'

I've added this to the example too.

Posted by David Cook on 21st June 2017
Hi Richard:

Thanks. The RYG color problem is now fixed. The textValue was not fixed by your suggestions, however, I discovered the problem.

In my block, I had: value: [12],

With that, no needle, centerpin, nor value is displayed.

Changing it to: value: 12,

(eg., dropping the array) fixed the problem.

Once again, Thanks.

Oh - also, on your documentation for Gauge, it is missing the 'tickmarksMedium' and 'tickmarksMediumColor' descriptions.

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