Should I have multiple HBar charts on one canvas? Or use a separate canvas for each one?

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Posted by arny on 24th April 2014
I am trying to do 3 Hbar charts below each other on one page. I am using 3 canvasses, one for each.

The problem is that for different user profiles, the graphs will have a different number of bars, therefore not utilising the canvas height every time.

I would like to squash up the graphs in such cases so as not to display blanks between canvasses.

Any ideas / suggestions?
Posted by Richard on 24th April 2014
Hi there,

If the canvases height changes they will naturally be below each other - so their positions will change.

If you mean the on-canvas space - then the bars will automatically adjust to fill the height of the canvas - so fewer bars will mean that you get thicker bars when the canvas height remains constant.

You could also adjust the or the gutter.bottom setting to keep the bar height constant.


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