Problems displaying a lot of instances of the Line chart

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Posted by emong on 12th June 2013
hi richard, firstly, i would like to thank and congratulate you for the awesome charts. they are cool. i was playing around with it lately and found a bit of a problem. i'm not sure what's causing it. it could be just my old-ish machine(xp, 2g ram).

my problem is when i tried to have 300 instances of line charts in one page(i know that's a lot, but there's a valid reason), it displays only the first 195 line charts and after that it says '[No canvas support]' followed by loads of codes. is this something you've encountered? thanks for any help.
Posted by RGraph support on 12th June 2013
Hi there,

It's not something that I've encountered no - but then I'v never had 300 charts on one page. Try different chart types and see if that makes a difference. Though as you say it may just be too much. You could also try different browsers to see if that makes a difference.

Richard, RGraph Support
Posted by Enter your name... on 12th June 2013
hi richard, i was using firefox then i tried chrome and it seems to be doing the trick. thanks for the tip. have a nice day.
Posted by Goldy on 12th June 2013
Hi Submitter,
I am also having many lines on a Line graph.
But in my case, I am choosing new lines to be added to the graph on the fly.
Its by using AJAX. What happens is, it shows all those lines for few seconds and then the browser crashes or it hangs
It happens in both, FF and Chrome

Please can you reply me if thats the same issue you had and how did you fix it

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