When I have multiple Line charts on the page it crashes the browser

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Posted by Jack on 20th June 2013
I just started using Line graphs and its cool. I am updating the canvas after every 2 seconds and thats plotting multiple graphs that I choose from my checkbox on my HTML page.
When I select one more checkbox it will send AJAX call and get data back for that line graph.
This will add a new line to the existing line graphs which are dynamically updating.
But , when I mouse over my canvas , it hangs. The browser crashes
FF and Chrome both of them fail.
There is no way to even debug this. Please help me

Posted by RGraph support on 20th June 2013
Hi there,

If you creating the chart anew each time then you may be just building up the number of objects that are being kept track of. Try clearing the ObjectRegistry between calls:


Richard, RGraph Support

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