I need to find a financial chart that can handle negative values

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Posted by LGillespie on 12th November 2017
I am trying to display some financial data. Scenario is that my user has 5 categories of expense and at times one or more of those values could be negative. So for example, Expense A = 30, B = 40, C = -15, D = 25 and E = -5 for a total of 75. Of course a pie won't work so I thought of a stacked bar with zero as the axis, positive amounts above the axis on top of each other and negative amounts below the axis on top of each other and maybe somewhere an indication of the totals. I searched through your demos which are fanastic but cannot envision how to reuse one of them to do wha I am trying to. Any direction or thoughts would be greatly appreciated. I am open to any solutions that may work.

Thanks! Larry
Posted by Richard on 12th November 2017
Hi there,

These example Bar charts come to mind:

A grouped variation:

And a stacked version:

They're both achieved by combining two Bar chart - as the source code on the page shows.


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