Trying to show negative values on a stacked HBar chart

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Posted by Sudarshan on 25th January 2017
Hi Richard

I am facing the following problems

1)pie chart not showing the tooltips with negative values
2)stacked bar chart and stacked h-bar charts are not showing
3)line charts is showing the alert for the negative values

for the normal bat-chart i used xaxispos=center it's working for the barchart where as come to stacked bar and stacked h-bar charts are not drawing a chart how can i draw the chart with negative values for the these two charts give me example link.

coming to the line chart i am drawing separate y-axis for the line and scatter plots it's drawing the scatter to fine where as come to line it's showing a alert x-axis is in bottom is not good to maintain i gave same for the scatter chart also but it's not showing so how can i solve these problem let me know.
Posted by Richard on 25th January 2017
Hi there,

1. A pie chart does not support negative values
2. Normally negative values aren't supported for stacked charts, but there's a stacked Bar chart that shows negatives here and you could apply the same principle to the HBar chart:

3. This is an older error message so you may need to upgrade.


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