Using negative values in Line charts is causing an error message

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Posted by Toni Mofardin on 27th February 2014
I was wondering if I could find some workaround to show negative values in line chart?
I'm trying to do this in line-front-page and line-spline-multiple-lines-array but every time i get the message "You have negative values and the X axis is at the bottom. This is not good...". I found the code in RGraph.line.js library that generates the message but when the graph contains negative values, they are always converted to max possible values.
Posted by Richard on 27th February 2014
Hi there,

Like this: ?

Simply specify the xaxipos option to be center:

obj.Set('xaxispos', 'center');

Posted by Toni Mofardin on 10th March 2014
I managed to do it by setting "outofbonds" property to true.

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