How do I create Bar charts which have negative values shown on top of the X axis?

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Posted by BT on 20th April 2016
I have data with both positive and negative values (lets say range -5 to +25) I want all the bars to be above the xaxis so I set
xaxispos: bottom,
ymin: -5

The result is my positive values look bigger (expected) but my negatives are still below the xaxis. How do I get the negative bars to be on top of the xaxis?
Posted by Richard on 20th April 2016
Hi there,

The Bar chart doesn't yet support offset X axes like the Line chart does (recently added):

But when I do add it, the X axis will be at zero (like this chart) and not at the bottom.

I suppose you could make it currently by using the drawing API... [15 minutes pass] this:

Is that the sort of thing you want? The 'real' scale of the Bar chart goes from 0 to 30 but its axes are turned off and custom ones are added using the drawing API so that the yaxis thats displayed has the desired scale.

NB: It uses the latest libraries that I released yesterday (4.54) so it might be worth updating. Certainly if you want the textAccessible option to work.

Posted by BT on 21st April 2016
Thanks for your reply. I took what you did but instead of removing/drawing new axis, I set ylabels.specific and that seemed to give me what I needed.
Posted by Richard on 21st April 2016

That's certainly an less convoluted way to do it!


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