I have a suggestion for a new chart type

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Posted by Kevin Morwood on 28th August 2013
I am working with electrical data and in one particular part of the application I need to plot currents and voltages as phasors. This data is typically provided as magnitude and phase angle pairs.

The chart typically looks quite a bit like your Rose chart, except that each series is just a single vector radiating from the centre ...with an arrow on the end of it.

I have examples of what the chart should look like that I could provide...somehow.

Here is a JSON file that shows a typical exchange:

{ "time": 1377718724,
     "polar": {
         "I": [
     ["354.9", "87.5"],
     ["348.9", "324.8"],
     ["358.7", "207.7"]
         "V": [
         ["386.5", "0.0"],
         ["384.6", "239.7"],
         ["387.2", "119.5"]

Any help would be great.

Posted by RGraph support on 29th August 2013
Hi there,

If you want to create a new chart type then basing it off one of the drawing API files might be easiest - or perhaps one of the circular chart types such as the RScatter.

Also, there's an example of using the margin setting on the Rose to create thin "arms":


Richard, RGraph Support

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