New RGraph AJAX functions are coming in the next release

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Posted by RGraph support on 20th April 2013
Hi there,

The RGraph.AJAX function now has a few new additional functions that will help with data types. Because AJAX responses are always strings (text) they need to be converted to the relevant data type (eg numbers) before they can be given to RGraph. The new functions are:

o RGraph.AJAX.getNumber(url, callback)
o RGraph.AJAX.getString(url, callback)
o RGraph.AJAX.getCSV(url, callback[, seperator])
o RGraph.AJAX.getJSON(url, callback)

Richard, RGraph support
Posted by Goldy on 23rd April 2013
Do I need to download the libraries again or is there a way to update the libraries to get started with using these new functions
Posted by RGraph support on 23rd April 2013
Hi there,

It's important that you use libraries from the same release - you can't mix and match - so you should download the beta. What you can do is download different releases into a directory structure like this:

/javascript/RGraph <-- Symlink pointing to the relevant RGraph release

And use URLs like this:



And then when you upgrade you can just change the address to point at the new directory.

Richard, RGraph Support

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