I'm getting the message "No canvas support" when I refresh my Funnel chart

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Posted by tderosa on 12th April 2013
I am using the funnel object and it works great when the page first comes up in the browser (any major browser: ie, chrome, firefox). I have code that refreshes the section that the canvas is in, and when the refresh occurs I get the message 'no canvas support'.

any thoughts?

Posted by RGraph support on 12th April 2013
Hi there,

Try posting a URL to an example page.

Richard, RGraph Support
Posted by tderosa on 12th April 2013
I can't do that because it is restricted development for a client. Here is part of my code:

     <canvas id="cvs" width="350" height="250">[No canvas support]</canvas>
            function clickFunnel(e, bar)
         javascript:sforce.console.openPrimaryTab(null,'/00Oi00000018MAm',true,'Customers by pipeline status');
             var funnel = new RGraph.Funnel('cvs', [{!numVals}]);
             funnel.Set('chart.labels', [{!labels}]);
             funnel.Set('chart.gutter.left', 180);
             funnel.Set('chart.labels.sticks', true);
             funnel.Set('chart.strokestyle', 'rgba(0,0,0,0)');
             funnel.Set('chart.text.boxed', false);
             funnel.Set('chart.labels.x', 10);
             funnel.Set('chart.shadow', true);
             funnel.Set('chart.shadow.offsetx', 0);
             funnel.Set('chart.shadow.offsety', 0);
             funnel.Set('chart.shadow.blur', 15);
             funnel.Set('chart.shadow.color', 'gray');
             funnel.Set('chart.events.mousemove', function (e, bar) {e.target.style.cursor = 'pointer';});
             funnel.Set('chart.events.click', clickFunnel);

I am using this in a saleforce.com visualforce page. It works fine the first time the page is rendered. The funnel is on a dashboard and I have a picklist that changes the user (which rerenders each component on the dashboard). When that happens I get the error text of 'no canvas support'.
Posted by RGraph support on 12th April 2013
Hi there,
Sorry - I have no experience with SalesForce. You could try their tech support.

Richard, RGraph support

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