How can I set the number of labels on a Meter chart?

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Posted by Richard Roeder on 8th May 2014

How can I set the number of labels that must appear in the graph meter?

I am using the graphical meter and if the labels are overlapping , making the visualization of values

Below is the code generator :

var grafico1 = new RGraph.Meter('grafico1', 0, 4187662.3, 4186662.30);
grafico1.Set('', 0);
grafico1.Set('', 391500);
grafico1.Set('chart.yellow.start', 391500);
grafico1.Set('chart.yellow.end', 783000.00);
grafico1.Set('', 783000.00);
grafico1.Set('', 4187662.3);
grafico1.Set('chart.gutter.bottom', 25);
grafico1.Set('chart.gutter.left', 35);
grafico1.Set('chart.gutter.right', 25);
grafico1.Set('', 25);
grafico1.Set('chart.labels.above', false);
grafico1.Set('chart.labels.above.decimals', 0);
grafico1.Set('chart.scale.point', ',');
grafico1.Set('chart.scale.thousand', '.');
grafico1.Set('chart.shadow', true);
grafico1.Set('chart.shadow.blur', 15);
grafico1.Set('chart.shadow.color', '#000000');
grafico1.Set('chart.title', 'PRIMEIRO TURNO');
grafico1.Set('chart.title.vpos', '0.6');
grafico1.Set('chart.linewidth', 1);

<canvas id="grafico1" width=500px height=250px>[No canvas support]</canvas>
Posted by Richard on 8th May 2014

The number of labels for the Meter is fixed at ten you could modify the source if you wanted to - the relevant for loop is in the drawLabels function.

Posted by Richard Roeder on 8th May 2014
Thank you

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