On mobile, when a chart is tapped it duplicates itself!

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Posted by Jen on 29th July 2014
On a mobile app, when the line graph is tapped/touched it duplicates itself a few pixels to the left

So I am left with two overlapping identical graphs

Would anyone know what the possible source of error might be?

Posted by Richard on 29th July 2014
Maybe you're drawing the chart without clearing the canvas first - try using RGraph.clear(canvas) where canvas isz the canvas tag as returned by document.getElemenetById().

You could event hook it up to the onbeforedraw RGraph event:

myObject.on('beforedraw', function (obj)

Posted by Jen on 30th July 2014
I took to basically remake the whole layout with the elements and in the end it was an 'overflow:hidden;' that caused that problem

Thanks for your help though!

Really amazing work you're doing with this (:

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