My one bar stacked Horizontal Bar chart doesn't properly stack

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Posted by Paul Dubinsky on 7th January 2018
This code:

<canvas id='cvs71' width='500' height='150' style='float:left;'>
   [No canvas support]
var hbar = new RGraph.HBar({
     id: 'cvs71',
         data: [90.0,10.0],
         options: {
  textAccessible: true,
  grouping: 'stacked',
  colors: ['forestgreen','red'],
  scaleZerostart: true,
  gutterLeft: 100,
  shadow: true,
  shadowOffsety: -5,
  shadowOffsetx: 13,
  shadowBlur: 10,
  shadowColor: '#aaa',
  vmargin: 10,
  noaxes: true,
  labels: ['% Complete'],
  title: 'LE02 - Last 7 Days',
  titleSize: 24,
  xmax: 100,
  unitsPost: '%'


Produces a two bar graph with no red second data on either line. (Right panel)

Change the data to [[90.0,10.0],[80.0,20.0]] and the graph displays correctly. (Left panel)


Posted by Richard on 7th January 2018
Hi there,

You're missing a pair of square braces in your data. Instead of this:

data: [90.0, 10.0]

To get a stack it needs to be this:

data: [[90.0, 10.0]]

Because if you were to have multiple bars it would look like this:

data: [[90.0, 10.0], [65,35],[12,88]]


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