My Pie chart key is overlapping the chart

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Posted by Alex on 30th July 2015
Is there a way to prevent the pie chart's key from overlapping the chart without manually setting the centerx/centery? I've tried key.position, but that less readable, and I've also tried key.halign, but either alignment results in overlap.


var chart3976 = new RGraph.Pie('cvs1', [900,140,15]);
chart3976.Set('', 50);
chart3976.Set('chart.gutter.right', 5);
chart3976.Set('chart.gutter.left', 50);
chart3976.Set('chart.colors', ['#00FF00','Blue','Green','Orange','Yellow','Purple','#6699CC','#66FFCC','#CC99FF']);
chart3976.Set('chart.tooltips', ['4479-Donations - 900 (85%)','3165-Fundraising - 140 (13%)','3466-Other - 15 (1%)']);
chart3976.Set('chart.key', ['4479-Donations - 900 (85%)','3165-Fundraising - 140 (13%)','3466-Other - 15 (1%)']);
chart3976.Set('chart.key.background', 'white');
chart3976.Set('chart.strokestyle', 'black');
chart3976.Set('chart.tickmarks', 'circle');
chart3976.Set('chart.linewidth', 2);
chart3976.Set('chart.shadow', false);
chart3976.Set('chart.shadow.offsetx', 0);
chart3976.Set('chart.shadow.offsety', 0);
chart3976.Set('chart.shadow.blur', 15);
chart3976.Set('chart.centerpin', 6);
chart3976.Set('chart.title', 'Contributions');
chart3976.Set('title.xaxis.pos', 0.25);
Posted by Richard Heyes on 30th July 2015
Hi there,

Not really. You could cut down the text in the key and use labels elsewhere on the page - eg below the chart. Or perhaps use the HTML key:

Which isn't constrained by the canvas.


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