My Pie chart isn't working on Internet Explorer 9

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Posted by vrushali on 1st October 2013

I have drawn pie chart.It perfectly working on all browsers and all versions of Internet Explorer excluding IE9. Why it is not working on IE9. On IE9 I am getting error
"Unable to get value of the property 'onmousemove_rgraph': object is null or undefined ".
Please is there any solution for this?

Posted by RGraph support on 1st October 2013
Hi there,

Have you specified the HTML5 doctype? This page has a basic Pie chart on it:

The HTML5 doctype is:

<!DOCTYPE html >

Richard, RGraph Support
Posted by vrushali on 3rd October 2013
If I add the HTML5 doctype <!DOCTYPE html > then I am getting [No canvas support] message.
Posted by RGraph support on 3rd October 2013
Hi there,

Then you're probably not running IE9 because that DOCTYPE switches the browser into HTML5 mode where canvas is supported. But check the browser mode in the developer tools as IE9 can be switched to IE8 mode.

Richard, RGraph Support

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