How to a draw Pie/Donut chart with one tiny segment?

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Posted by Zsolt on 8th June 2017
Hi Richard,

When a value too low compare to other values (ie: 5, 100000, 100000, 100000) in Pie / Donut chart, it's not displaying.
I know, it's just too thin, but can I display it somehow with one line at least (without data modification) ?

Best regards,
Posted by Richard on 8th June 2017
Hi there,

1. You could use label sticks like this:

2. Perhaps convert your values to logarithmic values and show the real values in tooltips or the labels. There's a logarithmic Bar chart here:

Not sure how this would work with a Pie chart. Probably just convert the values and put the "real" values in the labels/tooltips.

They're the two methods that spring to mind immediately.


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