How do I prevent my Scatter chart from drawing in the gutter?

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Posted by Jeff Snyder on 12th October 2012
Is there any way to prevent the scatter chart from drawing in the gutter area?

My scenario is that I want to pass up to 4 years worth of data to the chart, but allow the user to control the display to 1 year, 2 years, or all by simply changing the xmin. Currently the only way that I can see to display this cleanly is to set the left gutter to 0. I'd like to retain the gutter so that I can add add another set of data with its own yaxis to the canvas.

Posted by RGraph Support on 15th October 2012

There's not currently an option for it. You would need to loop through the data before hand and change any Y values whose X values are below the xmin to null. You could keep a "master" copy of the data so you could make a fresh copy of it each time.

Alternatively I can add a new option for you so that values below the xmin are "nullifyed" for you as a license holders customisation so that all you have to do is update the minimum value and values below this aren't shown.

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