Problem in overlapping the labels in Pie chart

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Posted by Tarun on 8th April 2013
Actually, i have lot of data to show on pie chart, so that's why the labels are overlapping with each other. I need some solution for that. Text size and tooltips will not work on the pie chart. so i need some of my data to show and other data will show as 'others'.
Posted by RGraph support on 8th April 2013
Hi there,

You could try using a key.

Richard, RGraph Support

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Posted by Dan on 20th April 2013
I too have a lot of data (At least a 1000 rows)and need to suppress much of it regarding the labels. Check out the X-Axis customization and the Labels posts in March.

Although I use a line chart, this should still apply to a pie. I assume you are using the AJAX call to a database. During the "While" loop, you can customize the data in so many ways.
Posted by Tarun on 22nd April 2013
Thanks for the help

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