I have a problem with the Line chart 'filled' property

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Posted by Alexis on 17th February 2014
Hi Richard,

Etheir I do not understand the 'filled' property or it doesn't work properly.

Take your demo named 'line-front-page.html', look what the curves looks like, notice that red is mostly always above black and the maximum Y value on the axis is 20%. Now modify the demo to add the 'filled' property like .Set('filled',true). The chart changes radicaly, first you notice it did filled everything under the lines, which is great, then you notice that black is always above red and that the maximum Y value on the axis is now 30%.

Also, is it possible to have negative value fill toward 0 instead of the bottom of the chart?

Thanks alot!
Posted by Richard on 17th February 2014
Hi there,

I can't quite tell what it is you're asking but I think that you may be looking for the chart.filled.accumulative option. You can set it to true or false.


And yes you can have negative fills:


Posted by Alexis on 19th February 2014
Hello Richard,

Yes this is exactly it! Thanks! It was simply ignorance from my part, not knowing the existance of the filled.accumulative attribute.

Thanks alot!

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