Problem with the background grid number of horizontal lines when redrawing a Bar chart

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Posted by Anonymous on 12th September 2016
Posted by Richard on 12th September 2016
Hi there,

The background grid is cached - so to update the number of grid lines you'll need to do this:

RGraph.cache = [];

Just before you redraw the chart.

Posted by Zsolt on 9th March 2017

good solution, it helped me too, thanks.
Just 2 things:
- if the data is dynamically modified (using the, the cache clear has to be before that
- what about when you have multiple chart on your page, because it is a common clear, so it will effect all charts, right? Can I specified the cache clear?

Posted by Richard on 9th March 2017
Hi there,

> so it will effect all charts, right?

I would imagine so yes. But I doubt it will impact on performance too much.


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