I have a question about the Bar chart running on Windows server

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Posted by Dragon Chu on 16th February 2017
Dear Sir,
Recently i tried the program "An SVG HBar chart showing the annual revenure for Star Tech" , it worked well on standalone pc(only executed the htm file), but something wierd as followings
1. it didn't show up any graph on client, which related programs set on Server2008R2
2. it did show up correct graph on cleint, which some related programs set on Sever2012R2

I wonder which point i miss, or just server's problem.
For Server2008R2, some situations occurred with others corresponding programs, but some worked well with canvas' js.
It took me two days to debug the program, but in vain.
I'd like to have your experienced advice before i give up.

Your assistance will be much appreciated.
Best Regards,
Dragon Chu

Posted by Richard on 16th February 2017
Hi there,

You probably have a problem with the paths to the libraries (ie your <script> tags aren't pointing to the correct file). So try putting the RGraph.common.core.js and RGraph.hbar.js files in the same place as your HTML file and then your script tags should look like this:

<script src="RGraph.common.core.js"></script>
<script src="RGraph.hbar.js"></script>

There's information and a video about debugging your charts with the Chrome developer tools here:


The console is what you want - so that you can see any error message.

Posted by Dragon Chu on 16th February 2017
Thanks for your sooner reply.
This early morning, it skipped an idea to try this on Chrome, it works but failed on IE11.
The situation is the whole program set on Server2012R2, and got the above-mentioned result.
If putting them all on the Server2012R2, it both worked quite well on IE and Chrome.
What a surprising phenomenon it is!
Posted by Richard on 16th February 2017
Hi there,

So have you got it working now?

Posted by Dragon Chu on 17th February 2017
Nope, failed on IE, but worked on Chrome only, with all programs installed on Server2008R2.
Unfortunately, the corporate desk-tops limit using the IE.
Posted by Richard on 17th February 2017
Hi there,

So it works on 2012R2 but not on 2008R2?

By the sounds of it then the two different servers might be sending different headers, and IE doesn't like the ones that 2008R2 sends. You can see the headers, in order to compare, by using the Chrome dev tools:

1. View the page in Chrome
2. Press CTRL+SHIFT+J to bring up the console
3. Select the Network tab at the top
4. Click on the first entry in the list (you may need to scroll up)
5. The headers are displayed on the right.
6. Compare the headers sent by each server (you will need to copy and paste the first set of headers into a text editor so they don't disappear when you get the second bunch of headers.


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