Question: Do you use IE7/8?

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Posted by RGraph support on 21st January 2014
Hi there,

One thing that I'm now considering for RGraph3 is the removal of IE7/8 support. RGraph2 will still be available if you need it - but going forward it will no longer be supported in newer versions.

So - how many people use IE7/8 ?

Richard, RGraph Support
Please link to the RGraph website
Posted by AJ on 22nd January 2014
As much as i hate to say this but i think IE support is still vital, a lot of my clients use IE8 and it hard/impossible to convince them otherwise.
Posted by Richard on 22nd January 2014
Hi there,

Yes - I thought that IE8 would be lower but according to its still around 6%. So maybe when it is less than 1%.

Please link to the RGraph website. Thanks!

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