I have some Radar chart/labels questions

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Posted by Robert Jordan on 7th February 2013
Good Day,

I'm evaluating your product, and must full-fill a few more requirements prior to purchase.

Some of my titles for chart labels are quite long. How would I format "breaks" into longer titles for chart labels?

For example...

  - Instead of rendering the long title: "Personal Service Report"
  - Somehow render breaks into it: "Personal<br/>Service<br/>Report"

- Thanks
Posted by RGraph support on 8th February 2013

You would need to use \r\n (not the <br /> HTML tag) like in this HBar example:


Richard, RGraph Support
Posted by Arthur on 26th April 2013
is the \r\n applies horizontal charts only?
i tried in chart.labels, not working, the chart i created wont display at all.
or is this feature removed already?
Posted by RGraph support on 26th April 2013
Hi there,

No you can use them in Radar charts too.

Richard, RGraph Support

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