With the Radar chart with multiple data sets: Can I have different colors for highlightsStroke?

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Posted by Larry Zhou on 29th May 2014
We're using Radar chart to show two data sets. Each set is to have its own color (by passing a color array to "chart.strokestyle"). However, I don't know how to set each data set to have its own color for "chart.highlights.stroke". Anyone knows a way to do it?

This works:
     'chart.strokestyle': ['#616365', '#76b800']

But these two aren't working, and I would like them to work, too:
     'chart.highlights.stroke': ['#616365', '#76b800']
     'chart.highlights.fill': ['#616365', '#76b800']

Posted by Richard on 30th May 2014
The highlight.stroke and highlight.fill options only support a single color.


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