I have some Radar chart questions

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Posted by Jerick on 19th March 2013
I have some events I'd like to happen with the radar graph. They are:

1. Hide/Show a dataset when the Legend is clicked. This is not the one in the example where you click the graph itself.

2. Allow graph zoom through double-click

Are they possible? I can't seem to make zoom work through the context menu:

radar1.Set('chart.contextmenu',['Zoom', RGraph.Zoom]);
Posted by Richard on 19th March 2013
Hi there,

1. There's no interactive key for the Radar chart.

2. You might be able to add zoom with a double click if you add your own event listener to the ondblclick event. And your syntax for the context menu is missing an array - so it should be like this:

radar1.Set('chart.contextmenu',[['Zoom', RGraph.Zoom]]);

PS - thanks!

Richard, RGraph support

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