How do you set the Radar chart Y axis maximum value?

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Posted by Dizon on 11th June 2013
I am trying to set maximum value 3 for Radar Y axis, but it draw 5 circles instead of 3 with wrong labels

         window.onload = function () {
             var radar3 = new RGraph.Radar('cvs', [3,2,1])
                     .Set('labels', ['q', 'w', 'e'])
                     .Set('tooltips', ['q', 'w', 'e'])
                     .Set('colors', ['transparent'])
                     .Set('axes.color', 'transparent')
                     .Set('highlights', true)
                     .Set('strokestyle', ['red'])
                     .Set('linewidth', 2)
                     .Set('labels.axes', 'n')
                     .Set('labels.axes.bold', [false])
                     .Set('labels.axes.boxed', false)
                     .Set('', false)
                     .Set('ymax', 3)
                     .Set('text.size', 12)
                     .Set('chart.labels.boxed', false)
Posted by RGraph support on 11th June 2013
Hi there,

You can show 3 labels. But there's no grid control option to make it only show 3 'rings'.

Posted by Vicente Herrera on 31st July 2013
Only to note a +1 to feature request to changing number of circles.

In my case, I turn "circles" off, and draw additional gray datasets for each level:

   radar = new RGraph.Radar('cvs',
   .Set('ymax', 4) //Max axis
   .Set('labels.count', 4) //Number of lables
   .Set('colors', ['Gradient(rgba(255,255,255,0.25):rgba(0,255,0,0.25))','rgba(0,0,0,0)'])
   .Set('strokestyle', ['red','#ccc','#ccc','#ccc','#ccc']) //Line color
   .Set('labels.axes', 'n') //Labels on north axis
   .Set('background.circles', false)

-Vicente Herrera
Posted by RGraph support on 31st July 2013
Hi there,

The chart.background.circles.count has already been added - should be available in the next stable which (all being well) will be released tomorrow.


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