I have some questions regarding RGraph charts

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Posted by shankar on 1st January 2016
We are developing a web consulting tool which is in the production. We need to generate a report which contains charts, for that we are using fusion charts.
When user clicks on generate report we need to generate the report and same time we need to store the image of generated charts in the server to export it to pdf.
We are planning to Replace the fusion chart by rgraph and I’ve the following questions.
1. How can we generate charts dynamically using java technology?
2. How can we convert generated chart into image dynamically in the server ?
3. Do you have any libraries to generate and store charts using java?

Posted by Richard on 30th July 2014
1. There's a section in the docs about integrating with server-side scripting using PHP/MySQL:


2. You can use jQuery to POST the image back to the server:


3. Afraid not.

Posted by Shankar on 4th August 2014
Hi displaying charts in jsp page is possible but now my question is after displaying charts in some page, in the background those generated charts should convert as image without clicking on any button and save in the local folder.

In fusion charts, i used addListeneres and draw method to achieve this..

also tell me where to specify the path in jsp page to store it in a folder?

Please guide the way to achieve this using R Graph.

Posted by Richard on 4th August 2014
JavaScript has no access to the local filesystem. In Firefox you can right-click on the canvas and save it as an image; possibly other browsers too. Or you could set a timer to make an AJAX request and send it back to the server.

But to save it locally you're going to need some user interaction.


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