How do I remove the bounding box from labelsIngraph?

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Posted by Omoprhy on 1st August 2013
How does one move the bounding box around labels on a Pie Chart with ingraph labels? I am stumped. Tried looking at the API but it only referenced Text2(obj).

Appreciate your help,

Posted by RGraph support on 1st August 2013
Hi there,

There's no option for that - if you want to change it you'll need to alter the source code. If you search for this exact string:


You'll find the RGraph.Text2() call that draws the relevant text. Simply update the boundingFill option to the color that you want. For example:


Or you could turn the fill off completely by changing the 'bounding' option to:

'bounding': false

Posted by Omoprhy on 1st August 2013
Thanks once again. That worked.

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