How do I rescale my Scatter chart X scale?

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Posted by Patrick on 3rd March 2014
I am tying to provide a slider for user input to rescale the xscale on a scatter chart. The xscale is originally set with
var line1 = new RGraph.Scatter('cvs', accel)

where secs is the variable holding the x axis max value.
I use the following to change the value of secs and call draw(secs) which is the function used to create the RGraph originally.

function xz()
     secs = document.getElementById("xhigh").value;

Whenever I draw with the changed xmax I get garbled negative values for the x scale.
By the way xmin is set to 0 and is not changed yet.
Posted by Richard on 3rd March 2014
Hi there,

It looks like you're setting the xmin value to a string. You should convert it to a number with the JavaScript Number() or parseInt() functions first then give it to RGraph, eg:

secs = Number(document.getElementById("xhigh").value);

Posted by Patrick on 3rd March 2014
Thanks for catching my error.
I did not find the example at fiddle, but I have to RGraph.ObjectRegistry.Clear(); because I have multiple graphs on the same canvas (multiple y scales). I have been using RGraph for about a week now.

Great software by the way!

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