When I enable resizing it fails with a JavaScript error

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Posted by Laura Gilbert on 22nd April 2013

I get the following error when I try using

Uncaught TypeError: Object #<Object> has no method 'AllowResizing' RGraph.line.js:850

There seems to be a missing "AllowResizing" function in the current version.

Any clues?
Posted by RGraph support on 23rd April 2013
Hi there,

Sounds like you need to include the resizing code:

<script src="RGraph.common.resizing.js"></script>

Richard, RGraph Support
Posted by Laura Gilbert on 30th April 2013
...facepalm. Thank you.

Hopefully a less stupid question - do you expect this to work within tooltips? I was hoping to be able to resize the plot within a tooltip but it doesn't appear to work.


Posted by RGraph support on 30th April 2013
Hi there,

It works WITH tooltips:


But I doubt it will work if the chart is WITHIN a tooltip since the dimensions of a tooltip are fixed.

PS - cheers!

Richard, RGraph Support

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