I'm trying to get a responsive Meter chart

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Posted by Florian on 17th August 2017

I am currently trying to get a responsive meter Chart, but getting only scatchy warped results.

Im trying a function like this:

         var customWidth = $(window).width() * 0.6,
             customHeight = $(window).width() * 0.25;


         canvas1.width = customWidth;
         canvas1.height = customHeight;

         canvas2.width = customWidth;
         canvas2.height = customHeight;

         canvas3.width = customWidth;
         canvas3.height = customHeight;

         canvas1.__rgraph_aa_translated__ = false;
         canvas2.__rgraph_aa_translated__ = false;
         canvas3.__rgraph_aa_translated__ = false;

         meter1 = new RGraph.Meter(options1);
         meter2 = new RGraph.Meter(options2);
         meter3 = new RGraph.Meter(options3);


Thanks in advance for any help!


Posted by Richard on 17th August 2017
Hi there,

> customHeight = $(window).width() * 0.25;

Should that be $(window).height() ?

Also set textAccessible to false - so that the canvas isn't wrapped in a DIV. And put a (concise) demo online so that a can see what's happening.


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