The RGraph.numberFormat() function doesn't handle negative values correctly when deciding if a thousands separator is necessary

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Posted by Jason on 25th September 2015
Using the RGraph4.31 version (version: 2015-07-24).

Have found an issue with negative values in the RG.number_format() function defined in the RGraph.common.core.js file.

When provided a negative number of at least '-100', it treats this case as though it requires a thousand separator.

   where obj = RGraph.Drawing.XAxis
   RG.numberFormat(obj, -100) => '-,100'

The local fix I've employed is the following:

var ma = Math;

// Ignore the preformatted version of "1e-2"
if (String(num).indexOf('e') > 0) {
    return String(prepend + String(num) + append);

// [jtm 20150916] Negative Number Fix
// See if we have a negative number, if so strip the negative off to handle adding
// the thousand seperators appropriatly.
var sign = String(num).charAt(0) === '-' ? '-' : '';
num = ma.abs(num);

// We need then number as a string
num = String(num);


// [jtm 20150916] Negative Number Fix at the very end of the function
return sign + prepend + output + append;
Posted by Richard on 25th September 2015

Odd. It seems to be evident based on which type of object that you use.

For example on this page:


It works as expected if you pass it the bar object - but not if you use the xaxis object.

So maybe I haven't defined a required property on the xaxis object/ I'll take a look at it - thanks for that.

Posted by Richard on 25th September 2015

Indeed it seems to be a missing default. In your RGraph.drawing.xaxis.js file add these default properties (there's a list of defaults near the top of the file):

'chart.scale.decimals': 0,
'chart.scale.point': '.',

Which seems to resolve the issue.

Posted by Jason on 25th September 2015
Thanks so much for the quick reply!


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