Chart triggers an RG.ShowContext error

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Posted by Sai Krishna Movva on 6th September 2016

l1 = new RGraph.Line({
             id: 'holder',
             data: [
             options: {
                 gutterTop: 50,
                 labels: xLabels,
                 linewidth: 2,
                 colors: ['black'],
                 adjustable: true,
                 tickmarks: "circle"

I have set the following listeners for 'l1', onadjust, onadjustend, onmousedown, onmouseup, onclick. These have pretty basic handlers.

Now I have used,
         contextmenu : [
             ['Reset point', ]

But, I am getting the following error,

Uncaught TypeError: RG.ShowContext is not a function
Posted by Richard on 6th September 2016
Hi there,

Sounds like you haven't included all of the necessary RGraph libraries. The context menu requires you to include the context menu library.


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