RGraph conflicts with pre-existing canvas scripts

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Posted by David on 8th February 2014

I have implemented RGraph which is really neat thank you.

However for some reason I have a conflict with other prexisting canvases I cant work out how to depbug.

Each canvas has a separate named ID.

When I REM out the the Rgraph script my canvas's draw correctly in the right canvas ID. When I include the RGraph script the graph gets drawn and split second later my other canvas draws over the top of the rgraph canvas. Remove rgraph script and it draws in the correct canvas. Add it back in and it draws in the rGraph canvas.

if I remove the load function and simply run it as script, they both draw correctly in the correct canvas ID's. However click on the rgraph canvas and the the other one draws over the top of it again.

Any suggestions on why this might be happening or how to debug?

Am using firefox and firebug.



Posted by Richard on 10th February 2014
Hi there,
By the sounds of it you could also say that your other script is drawing on the wrong canvas tag. Try taking out the RGraph library but leave the canvas tags in place and see what gets drawn where.

Try providing *a URL of an example page too.


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