RGraph drawing API: The X axis object

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Posted by Roy on 1st January 2016

I have been trying to draw an X Axis for a bar graph using RGraph drawing API - The X axis object. The Axis is drawn appropriately with a tick marks appearing exactly at the center. I would like to move the tick mark to the right, to encompass more members in a given category.

For example in this example:


Team A and Team B contain exactly 5 members each. Is there a way to move the tick mark and have Team A with 7 members and Team B with 3, instead.

The library is wonderful and has been really helpful.

Thank You, Richard.
Posted by Richard on 12th May 2014

Yes you can do that by having ten labels - the Team A/B label and also blanks so that the labels appear in the right place. To get the correct tickmarks you'll need to draw them yourself though.


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