I'm using RGraph dynamic.js and Titanium for Android development

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Posted by Rajesh on 28th February 2013

I am using RGraph with Titanium Appceleator for Android development.

The graphs gets displayed properly (renaming js files as lib). Now wanted to add click event supports for the graph displayed.

I have added the dynamic.js file by renaming it as lib file. The html works properly in chrome browser but when app is executed in emulator the message for adding dynamic.js file is always displayed.

How to resolve this problem ?

Changing the message, displays new message in browser but again executing from emulator displays original message. Tested by redeploying the app.

Posted by RGraph support on 1st March 2013
Hi there,

Since you're getting the original, unchanged, message - perhaps the original page is being cached. So try renaming the page (thus avoiding the cached copy).

Richard, RGraph Support

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