What's the maximum refresh rate for the Gauge chart grow effect?

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Posted by GroG on 8th August 2013
Thanks for the wonderful graph framework !!!

I was wondering what the maximum refresh rate would be fore the Guages..

I do the following

  this.A0.value = pin.value;

and its being updated by a JSON message...

it seems to freeze the browser - would you have any metrics
Posted by RGraph support on 9th August 2013
Hi there,

The gauge chart Grow effect uses the requestAnimationFrame function which controls the frame rate - though the function aims to achieve about 60fps I believe. Browsers which don't support requestAnimationFrame() use a setTimeout call with the delay set at 16.666 (for 60fps).

You could try updating the Gauge with a simple .Draw() call instead of an animation to try and debug the issue.

Richard, RGraph Support

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