RGraph isn't fully working on Internet Explorer 9

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Posted by Mei Walsh on 28th November 2012
I downloaded the RGraph package and run its demo on my localhost using IE9, Chrome and Firefox. I only tried the line demos. These errors only happened on IE9:

demo line03.html
Unable to set value of the property 'fillStyle': object is null or undefined
demo line06.html
Message: Object doesn't support property or method 'getContext'.

So I thought this has to do with IE9 not fully supporting canvas and I write a short script to test the methods. The methods work on IE9 using my script. Any ideas how to make RGraph work on IE9?
Posted by RGraph support on 28th November 2012

I don't get those errors with those files - but they do trigger an ActiveX error - though only when viewing offline (and all the demos trigger the same error when viewed offline with IE9). You can get rid of that error by changing the security settings for offline files:

Internet Options > Advanced > Allow active content to run in files on My Computer

And you can view those two files on the website here:



Something noteworthy is the fact that they both use the Trace effect, which uses jQuery currently. Though next month the Trace effect is changing so that it won't need jQuery any more. You can see a demo of the new Trace effect here:

Posted by Mei Walsh on 1st December 2012
Thank you for that suggestion. It's an IE configuration problem. I ended up factory resetting the configuration. (Tools->Internet Options->Advanced. at the bottom of window, click on Reset button). Everything works fine. No errors :).

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