RGraph isn't working for me in Firefox 27.0.1

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Posted by Pete on 16th February 2014
I've been using a scatter graph on peterdean.co.uk/walks/ for a while and it has stopped working in Firefox 27.0.1, though is fine in IE10. Is there anything I can do to work around this?


  var scatter = new RGraph.Scatter('cvs', data)
   .Set('line', true)
   .Set('tickmarks', null)

   .Set('numxticks', Math.ceil(totalDist))
   .Set('xmin', 0)
   .Set('xmax', Math.ceil(totalDist)*100)
   .Set('ymin', Math.floor(minEle/100)*100)
   .Set('ymax', Math.ceil(maxEle/100)*100)
   .Set('gutter.bottom', 40)
   .Set('title.xaxis.size', 10)
   .Set('title.xaxis', 'Distance ('+distDesc+')')

   .Set('gutter.left', 60)
   .Set('title.yaxis.pos', .2)
   .Set('title.yaxis.size', 10)
   .Set('title.yaxis', 'Elevation ('+eleDesc+')')

   .Set('line.linewidth', 2)
   .Set('background.grid.autofit.numvlines', Math.ceil(totalDist))
   .Set('labels', labels)
   .Set('crosshairs', true)
   .Set('crosshairs.snap', true)
   .Set('crosshairs.coords', false)
   .Set('crosshairs.coords.labels.x', 'Distance ')
   .Set('crosshairs.coords.labels.y', 'Elevation')
   .Set('crosshairs.coords.fixed', false)
   .Set('crosshairs.color', 'gray')
   .Set('crosshairs.linewidth', 1)

Posted by Richard on 17th February 2014
Hi there,

I looked at the source code of your libraries on that page and the line in question refers to this:


Which is no longer in the libraries because it was problematic. So try upgrading (if you do upgrade - be sure to upgrade all libraries to the same version, at the same time). The new libraries do this instead BTW:


Posted by Pete on 17th February 2014
Thanks for your speedy response.

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