RGraph on XAMPP with AJAX

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Posted by Eric on 15th July 2016

First of all, what a great product!!

In my office we use XAMPP with PHP to show a narrowcasting system, where I am trying to show some of your graphs with AJAX to keep track on progress.

I think I am not working locally, but I cannot make a working sample of gauge-ajax.html. It will load the first value initial and then seems to load the first value in the file getHTML, makes a move to that value and then stops.

I don't see any errors, but the animation stops.

Your help would be more than welcome. Thank you for your reply.

(FYI: all links in the sourcefile are redirected okay and load the appropriate content. Sample url:

(I checked with Fiddler the loadings and the getHTML-file seems to get loaded only once)

I hope you can point me in the right direction.

Kind regards,
Posted by Richard on 15th July 2016
Hi there,

You are working either locally or using a web server on your local network - the IP address ( is not a public address.

Are you getting the initial value by AJAX? If so then maybe your timer is not repeating itself. Are you using setTimeout()? That doesn't repeat itself automatically - it only occurs once. You could do something like this instead:

function update ()
     // This function should get the value (by AJAX in your case
     // and draw the Gauge

     // Update the gauge again in 5 seconds
     setTimeout(update, 5000);

// Initially, draw the gauge straight away
setTimeout(update, 100);

Posted by Enter your name... on 15th July 2016
Hi Richard,

Wow, thank you for your early reply. My excuses, but I'm a newbie with this!

Would it be to much if I may ask you to send me the code of what you want me to do?
I tried what you said, but I think I make the wrong adjustments.

If you could send me just a sample of what you try to tell me, that would help me a lot in understanding to coding.

I know I ask a lot, but you would help me with that, a great deal.

I hope to hear from you again and many thanks in advance.

Kind regards,
Posted by Richard on 15th July 2016
Hi there,

I did - the setTimeout function is in the previous post.

Posted by Richard on 15th July 2016
Hi there,

Also, I think this demo matches your situation very closely:



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