Save to a PNG image when I'm using a pattern fill

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Posted by Berjawi on 18th November 2016
First I would like to thank you for this great work.
I have a question; it is possible to save a chart as PNG when using a pattern instead of color?

I looked at these:

but it does not work when I combine both.

Any help will be appreciated.
Posted by Richard on 18th November 2016
Hi there,

Seems to work fine. For example I added this:

<a href="javascript: location.href = line.canvas.toDataURL()">Get PNG</a>

to the page (with the patterned fill) and it shows an image of the chart. If you want to save that as a file you'll need to (using jQuery perhaps) send it to the server (if you use jquery the $.post() function will come in useful) where a server side script can save it to a file. There's more info about saving the chart to a file here:

There's also a sample PHP script on that page that saves the data to a file.

Posted by Berjawi on 21st November 2016
Can you please check this:,css,js,output

if I remove the pattern, the code works fine;
Posted by Richard on 21st November 2016
Hi there,

You're loading an image from a different domain which effectively disables the export to PNG functionality of canvas for security reasons.


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