Not having any luck with my Scatter chart and multi-dimensional data arrays

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Posted by Curt Jeffreys on 20th December 2013
Hi Richard,

I am trying to pass a multidimensional array to a scatter graph with no luck.
var plot = new RGraph.Scatter(cvs,dataArray) does not work.

var plot = new RGraph.Line(cvs,dataArray) does work.

Any ideas? I don't modify the dataArray, just the type of graph.


Curt Jeffreys

Posted by Richard on 20th December 2013
Hi there,

Ok fixed, but Here's an example anyway in case anyone is searching for this of a Scatter chart using multi-dimensional arrays of data:

You end up passing a 3d array to the Scatter constructor as the data.

Posted by Curt Jeffreys on 20th December 2013

I figured it out. Sorry to bother you.

BTW, you have wonderful product here.


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