Scatter chart: tickmarks don't show and labels are spaced evenly

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Posted by Greg on 2nd February 2014
I love RGraph and all the examples and how easy it was to implement. Kudos to you! But wish there was a comprehensive listing somewhere of all the .Set( options for each type of chart. Maybe I missed it? Anyway, I have a scatter chart but I'm not seeing any tickmarks even though I have:
         .Set('tickmarks', 'circle')
         .Set('ticksize', 5)
Also, the x labels are spread evenly and don't line up with the tickmarks. I have dates on the x axis. Also, is there a way to set the vertical grid lines to only appear where there is a label and no others?
Posted by Richard on 3rd February 2014
Hi there,

There's a listing of chart properties in the docs here:

The two peoperties that you have there are the correct ones Here's an example:

There's no grid option like that - you will need to use the ondraw event, the obj.coordsText variable (to get the X coordinate) and the gutter options (to get the height).

You could also set the composite operation to destination-over so that what you draw (ie the grid) appears "at the back" of what is already on the canvas - so you can draw the grid in the ondraw RGraph event and still have access to the relevant coordinates.

obj.context.globalCompositeOperation = 'destination-over';

Please link to the RGraph website. Thanks!

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