I'm trying to align the Scatter chart grid

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Posted by Stef Bishop on 28th June 2014
I want to display graphs showing changes of a value during a day that occur at irregular intervals.
The data provided consists of timestamps and the new value.
I have successfully and fairly easily done this using RGraph scatter chart.

My xaxis labels are the 24 hour values 00 .. 23.

However I can't see any way to align the grid with the hours.
The horizontal grid ties in nicely with the y values, but since the graph seems to only divide the xaxis into 20 intervals, it makes it near impossible to read the time of an event from the point on the graph.

Either there should be a way of setting the number of x intervals, or at least for this particular graph use 24 intervals, which would make hours for a day and months for a year align usefully.


Stef Bishop

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